Black Roots 'Take It' Tour 2018

This legendary Roots Reggae band are pleased to announce they are doing a 3 date tour of England this spring.  They will be appearing live on stage as a 10 piece band playing real instruments no digital sounds delivering a conscious and uncompromising message with those harmonic vocals backed by a deep melodic roots reggae rhythm and a blazing horn section that makes them so unique at

Colchester Arts Centre Colchester 26th May 2018

The Jazz Café Camden London 27th May 2018

Cheese and Grain Frome Somerset 2nd June 2018 

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Black Roots' I Believe EP available
on Digital Download on Nubian Records
Black roots 12 ep cover 2017 master version

Here is another heavyweight remix EP from the mighty roots reggae band Black Roots hailing from St Paul’s Bristol.

The song ‘I Believe’, originally released on ‘On the Ground’ (Sugar Shack Records - September 2012) is lifted from this album and given a new edge and sharpness on these 4 mixes.  It is a seminal song, one of the most popular off the album so this was a strong motivation to go back into the studio to create and put some different versions out on release.  Its lyrics are strong and powerful. They draw on personal experience.

Black Roots sing that ‘life in the system is not easy because it doesn’t cater for I and I but if you believe in the higher power you can still hold your head up high’.  Isn’t that the truth! In spite of the fact that the ‘system’ has discriminated against you, that life for you is hard and difficult, that you are powerless and disenfranchised you can still find that inner strength and belief in the higher power to show you the way to transcend this pressure, believe in yourself and live positive.

Jah Garvey and Buggsy, 2 emcees based in St Paul’s Bristol, join Black Roots in the lyrical mix, to add another layer of reasoning to the underlying message of this song.  Jah Garvey too is a roots artist inspired by his exposure to the plight of people that he encounters on his daily journeys and feels that he must support their lives through his music encouraging happiness, enlightenment, personal growth and development.  He features on 3 of the mixes and Buggsy who describes himself as the fast spitting Rasta emcee from St Paul’s Bristol, boasting a flow like an automatic weapon features on 1 mix.  He describes himself as a soldier in Jah Army joining up with the ‘old skool’ to help to deliver a message full of ‘truth and right’ and shows his respect for Black Roots in the lyrics that he chats.
This link takes you to the original version of Black Roots' I Believe that originally appeared on the band's album titled On The Ground that was released in September 2012 on Sugar Shack Records (CD/Vinyl formats) and Nubian Records (Digital Download format).

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Black Roots most recent album 'Son Of Man' was released on 22nd January 2016 on Soulbeats Records in collaboration with Nubian Records
On Vinyl (SBR084); CD (SBR085) and Digital Download

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‘Black Roots signature horn section – the Tenyue brothers aka Matic Horns – still conjure an authentic roots feeling for the group’s immaculately written and delivered songs, recorded with engineer Louis Beckett ... on the final mix.’
 (Steve Barker – The Wire March 2016 issue)

‘After their last Soulbeats Records release "Ghetto Feel" ... comes the newest Black Roots album, "Son of man". 11 fresh songs, released on this French flagship label, packed with harmonious vocals which carry melodic guitars, charismatic horns and the powerful messages of the band to the world. 30 years after their debut the legendary UK roots reggae band with "Son of Man" show that they are still able ... to make influential and wonderful music!’
(Peter Parker – 24th January 2016)
‘The album of the month is entitled “Son of Man” by Black Roots. This incredibly well-crafted album is great for any reggae listeners, with very catchy beats, memorable hooks and lyrics that really speak to the soul.’
(Arash Kouchak Pour - 12th February 2016)
‘Some 50 minutes of ... quality roots reggae across 11 tracks await you on this recent album from Black Roots’ ‘Son Of Man’ on the French Soulbeats label ... So the recommendation is to get your dancing shoes on (and thinking cap) on this fine feast of roots reggae.  In brief, the compilation, .. is .. an engaging amalgam of high horn hooks, catchy rhythms, conscious lyrics and clever choruses ...’
(Gerry McMahon – 19th April 2016)
‘At first Son Of Man might seem like nothing more than a charming throwback to the golden age of UK reggae, but as the album goes on it keeps getting better and better as the songs gradually imprint themselves and the melodies start to resound.’
(Phil Johnson – Independent on Sunday 21st February 2016)
‘The band sounds rejuvenated on this latest album ... Fans know what to expect, and Black Roots don’t disappoint ... There’s quality in what they do.  The songs are well considered and they use a full complement of instruments ... They also love that steady, reggae groove.  I defer anyone not to start rocking ...’
(John Masouri – Black Echoes February 2016 issue)
Black Roots Video Interview
Recorded on 12th February 2016 in St Paul's Bristol this interview features some questions submitted by La Grosse Radio Station that the band answer that focus in on their album 'Son Of Man' released by Soulbeats Records on 22nd January 2016.

Then in a departure from the scripted questions, Mike Jenkins, the film maker, asks the band some more questions that explore some of the reasons why Black Roots perform their unique style of Roots Reggae music.

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Black Roots 'Move On' EP on Digital Download on Nubian Records
Black Roots have produced, written, composed and recorded some highly acclaimed songs during their long career.  One of these is ‘Move On’.

The song is about a relationship that has broken down, in which the man realises that his partner has fallen in love with someone else and that he feels that he has no choice but to ‘Move On’.  How many of us have faced this dilemma in life’s journey?

First released on their debut vinyl outing simply called ‘4 Track Demo 12”’ back in 1981 it was picked up by the legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel and played on national radio.  This helped to propel the band to prominence.  Then it appeared on their debut album ‘Black Roots’ that came out in 1983.  Since it has featured on some re-releases notably on French label Makasound’s ‘On the Frontline’ and ‘In Session’, and Sugar Shack’s ‘Reggae Singles Anthology’. 
This 5 track EP is available to buy or stream from
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Black Roots - 'Move On' originally appeared on the band's debut 4 track 12" vinyl release back in 1981 titled 'Demo 4 Track EP' that has been become highly sought after.  The link to this recording featured on the band's first album titled 'Black Roots' that was first released in 1983.  Now that the band is putting out a new recording of this song in an EP (5 mixes in total) it is a good opportunity to listen also to this early version.