Dub Factor 2 - The Dub Judah Mixes

Black Roots

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Dub Factor 2 - The Dub Judah Mixes is the second dub album that was released by Black Roots. in the early 1990s. If you know of Dub Factor - The Mad Professor you will, with this new reissued version, be able to compare and juxtapose the talents of these 2 dub masters who worked with the band on different full album projects. After the vocal versions were produced they were let loose on the mixing desk to shape, interpret and transform these Black Roots rhythms into these 2 dub versions that now make up the Dub Factor series.

Mad Professor worked with the band in the late 1980s and produced and mixed ‘All Day All Night’ and ‘Natural Reaction’ whose rhythm tracks led to the first ‘Dub Factor’ album after Black Roots gave him free reign at the mixing desk to cook up the dub versions that made up this album. It’s success prompted the band to follow this up with another volume of dub mixes and what better person to do this job than the eclectic, up and coming and talented producer of the time and dub head Dub Judah himself who was doing production work for the band in 1993.

Dub Judah, of Dub jockey label fame, is still recognised and celebrated as one of the most respected names in UK Dub. He continues to work on his own projects but now spends part of his time playing bass for Norman Grant and the Twinkle Brothers .

His contribution to these recordings back in November 1993 at Coach House Studio in Bristol day was central to the success of the project. He was brought in to programme the drums , play the keyboards and do his magic with the percussion over dubs; contribute to the vocals on 2 songs (Tribal War and What Them A Do); produce the ’With Friends’ set and as an added bonus was also given the freedom of the mixing desk to concoct and mould these dubs versions. So after breathing new life into the songs that make up the ‘With Friends’ set it would have been an injustice not to release these dubs as the follow up album. And so, Dub factor 2 was given life. In essence this album is the dub version of ‘With Friends’.

It was first released on 3rd February 1994 on Vinyl, Cassette and CD and is now being reissued on 20th March 2020 as part of the programme by Nubian Records to make available all of Black Roots’ back catalogue on digital platforms. ‘Dub Factor 2 - The Dub Judah Mixes’ is the second album of dub mixes released on the Nubian Records imprint as the band sought to exploit the growing popularity of dub music in the United Kingdom and outernationally back in the early 1990s.

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