Move On ep

Black Roots

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Black Roots have produced, written, composed and recorded some highly acclaimed songs during their long career. One of these is ‘Move On’.

The song is about a relationship that has broken down, in which the man realises that his partner has fallen in love with someone else and that he feels that he has no choice but to ‘Move On’. How many of us have faced this dilemma in life’s journey?

First released on their debut vinyl outing simply called ‘4 Track Demo 12”’ back in 1981 it was picked up by the legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel and played on national radio. This helped to propel the band to prominence. Then it appeared on their debut album ‘Black Roots’ that came out in 1983. Since it has featured on some re-releases notably on French label Makasound’s ‘On the Frontline’ and ‘In Session’, and Sugar Shack’s ‘Reggae Singles Anthology’. It is one of the band’s anthems. This is a song that is recognised world-wide and is undoubtedly one of their top 10 best songs of all time.

So it seemed a reasonable proposition for the band to bring it back into the studio some 35 years on to rework it, redefine it, modernise the sound and then release it. And here it is as a digital download only offering, 5 mixes of this wonderful song recorded back in July 2013, once again at J&J Studio, produced by Jeff Spencer and the band, and mixed by Louis Beckett. One of the cuts features Jah Garvey, an upcoming artist, also based in Bristol, who lends his lyrical skills to give added meaning and poignancy to this song.

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